Grant form

General Manager or Charity Champion

Please complete this form if you are the Area General Manager or Charity Champion of a Moto site wishing to apply on behalf of your Community Partner or Adopted School

MITC Grant Application - By Moto Site

  • GDPR Statement for grants Information provided on your application will treated as highly confidential and will be managed and stored in accordance with the Data Protection guidelines drawn up by the Moto in the Community Trust in accordance with the Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation. A copy of which can be provided on request from or by calling 01525 878500.
  • This must be the AGM or Charity Champion. Please note that if you are a Charity Champion completing this form your AGM will be contacted prior to your grant being considered by the Trustees
  • Please provide a mobile number and landline number where you can be contacted during office hours
  • This should be the General Manager or Charity Champion
  • Please give the full name of the organisation you are applying to support
  • Please give the name of the individual you are dealing with at the organisation
  • Please provide an email address for the named contact at the organisation you wish to support
  • Please provide the full postal address of the organisation
  • Please supply the website address and any social media address (ie facebook/twitter address) This will be used by the Trust office to research the organisation applying for support
  • Please state how the funds will be used and the time frame. PLEASE ensure that you include a breakdown of costs and upload in the next section supporting quotes for work where applicable. Additional slides/literature may be included but this section must include a minimum of 100 words completed specifically for the Moto in the Community Trustees to consider your grant application.
  • Please upload any additional information to support your application. Please provide as much detail as possible.
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