Grant form

Please complete this form if you are the Area General Manager or Charity Champion of a Moto site wishing to apply on behalf of your Community Partner or Adopted School

MITC Grant Application - By Moto Site

  • This must be the AGM or Charity Champion. Please note that if you are a Charity Champion completing this form your AGM will be contacted prior to your grant being considered by the Trustees
  • Please provide a mobile number and landline number where you can be contacted during office hours
  • This should be the General Manager or Charity Champion
  • Please give the full name of the organisation you are applying to support
  • Please give the name of the individual you are dealing with at the organisation
  • Please provide an email address for the named contact at the organisation you wish to support
  • Please provide the full postal address of the organisation
  • Please supply the website address and any social media address (ie facebook/twitter address) This will be used by the Trust office to research the organisation applying for support
  • Please state how the funds will be used and the time frame. PLEASE ensure that you include a breakdown of costs and upload in the next section supporting quotes for work where applicable. Additional slides/literature may be included but this section must include a minimum of 100 words completed specifically for the Moto in the Community Trustees to consider your grant application.
  • Please upload any additional information to support your application. Please provide as much detail as possible.
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