Case Study

Padbury Preschool

Padbury Preschool approached Moto Cherwell Valley based in Oxfordshire in December 2011 desperately in need of a new building to avoid the real possibility of closure.  Padbury Pre-school is a registered charity and was set up in 2008 following a needs assessment to meet a total local of provision for pre-school children within the village.  The Pre-school is situated within the vibrant village community of Padbury.  It is open to 98% of pupils coming from 3 villages within its catchment.  The closure of the pre-school would have a significant impact on the community.

The Pre-school rented an area of Padbury School.  At the time the pre-school was set up the main school was at risk of closure, but as a result of the success of the pre-school the school numbers increased significantly and could no longer accommodate the pre-school 

After exploring various possibilities for alternative buildings Padbury Pre-school took the decision to try and raise the funds necessary to construct a prefabricated standalone building situated within the grounds of Padbury School.

With the help of their local community including the Moto in the Community Trust, Padbury Pre-school raised a massive £40,000.  We are very proud to share with you pictured below, the final stages of the building of the new pre-school unit.

In addition to providing financial grants towards the new unit, staff at Moto Cherwell Valley have visited the pre-school numerous times to support events.  Staff have volunteered with painting and decorating the school and pledged books to add value to school resources.  Children from Padbury Pre-school have also visited Moto Cherwell Valley to help support fundraising events for the Trust.

The relationship that has been built between staff at Moto Cherwell Valley and the teachers and children at Padbury Pre-School is a very positive example of Moto working to add real value to their community.

The Moto in the Community Trust is very proud to recognise the management and staff at Moto Cherwell Valley for their contribution to their community.